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    Career Day Wisdom

    Preparing for your first career interviews can be a daunting task but at least you can be equipped with the tools and knowledge of how to present yourself and stay true to yourself. Some of our team members contributed great wisdom and suggestions for those of you just starting out.

    Not only is it valuable to be prepared for interviews, but be aware and present in the interview itself and allow time to reflect on your interactions with potential coworkers. The firm may be interviewing you but you are also interviewing them.

    Some of our more introverted team members suggest conducting research on the firms you are interested in before the interview. Jot down notes in your sketchbook of what stands out to you in your research of the firm. Some team members even added sketches of notable projects or posts on their social media to jog their memory in the case of a lull in the conversation. Having questions prepared before the interview will help you feel confident and comfortable, and will impress the firm with your initiative and interest in the firm.

    Furthermore, practice interviewing with friends, family, and colleagues. You will become more comfortable talking about yourself and explaining the great work you have done at school and beyond. Remember that you are talking to fellow humans – do not build so much pressure on this interaction.

    Allow yourself to reflect on the interview afterward. What stood out to you? Did you make any strong connections with the people interviewing? Did the projects and mission of the firm resonate with you? There are countless qualities to reflect on post-interview but give yourself the time to review your experiences and analyze the pros and cons of the firm.

    What if you find yourself hunting for jobs for a week and they turn into months and you watch your friends all succeed and move on with their lives? It’s okay! Especially if you are graduating, try to relish in the break between school and work and return to your passions in life. This also allows you to really analyze where you would like to be living and working.

    Career Day is not the end-all-be-all. There are many unturned stones and many career options in the world. That may be overwhelming but is said here to note that there is something out there for you that fits and feels right and will assist you in furthering your journey in design.

    For an even more in-depth look at Career Day and Interview prep, visit our older blog post on here!

    Good luck to all embarking on their design careers!