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    In the Spirit of Spring

    Do you remember walking the halls of your school and seeing hoards of people dressed to a specific theme and wondering to yourself, “did I miss some kind of notice?” Weird hats, jerseys, or bright flashy costumes worn without any one thinking too hard about it and then (usually if you went to a school with a semi-decent band or sports team) there would be a pep rally in the gym at the end of the week before life went back to normal? It’s hard to replicate the energy that Spirit Week invoked in school hallways once you’ve entered the professional world, but Smith Gee Studio sure did their best!

    Five days, five themes, and a bunch of creativity: here is a recap of Smith Gee Studio’s first Spirit Week!

    Day One: Sports Pride Day

    On Monday, everyone showed their support for their favorite sports teams! From alumni celebrating their alma mater, to the small legion of Pred fans, to the biggest fútbol fan in the office, there was a big turn out for this day.

    Day Two: Decade Day

    A little trickier was day two, where everyone was asked to dress like the fashion trends of their favorite decade. Plenty of 90s kids jumped to the challenge, but we had a few travelers from ancient Rome make an appearance in their togas, while a friend from the 1920s watched us all from the back.

    Day Three: Western Day

    Giddy-up partner, it’s Western Day!

    Day Four: Hawaiian Shirt Day (and “Parking Lot” Social!)

    Rain or shine, there’s no better way to rock a Hawaiian-inspired shirt than at a party! And while Thursday might be a bit early in the week to go all out, no one says we can’t have a nice firm social together with a few treats with everyone in their favorite tropical attire on.

    Day Five: Celebrity/Starchitect Day

    We’ve got a competition for the last day of Spirit Week. The objective? Dress like your favorite celebrity, character, or starchitect. Best costume wins. But what’s this? Bonus points for whoever dresses like an architect/designer/planner? I wonder who jumped to the plate to give it a shot.