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    Business is Blooming!

    One of our favorite parts of our new office space is all of the plants we get to share it with! Now that it’s warming up, our plants are showing their happiness with new leaves and colorful blooms. As the self-proclaimed Studio Gardener, I’ll take you on a tour of some of the greenest members of the studio.


    The Orchid Trio

    This season, our orchids are absolutely stunning. In the wild, these flowers live in humid rainforests and use their long aerial roots to climb up the trunks of trees. Technically, they’re actually parasites! This helps them reach the sun through the dense undergrowth of the jungle. Here in the office, they get plenty of sun without much trouble. While two of our flowery friends have already opened some amazing blossoms, we’re still waiting on our typical late bloomer to get the springtime memo.



    Trees: Big and Small

    Three different types of trees call our studio home. Outside on our balcony, you’ll find our lemon trees. Nashville winters are just outside their native hardiness zone, so we’ll pull them inside during the coldest months. Now that we’ve passed the annual March cold snap, it’s time for them to see the sky again! They’re ready to start growing some new leaves, and maybe we’ll get some fruit this season. Meanwhile, our calm, cool, and collected Fiddle Leaf Fig hasn’t moved from its post in the lobby. Our smallest trees in the office don’t even look like trees at all! Some young Money Trees hang out by our interior materials library downstairs, steadily growing bit by bit.


    Classic Houseplants

    And finally, we have our entourage of some iconic interior staples that live throughout the studio. These plants hang out under the stairs as some creative vertical clearance solutions, gather around our community meeting areas, or sit by the windows near each desk catching some sun. You might even have some of these favorites hanging around your spaces as well!

    Happy planting!