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    Yesenia Vega

      /  Yesenia Vega

    Yesenia Vega

    Yesenia Vega

    School(s) and Degree(s)

    University of South Florida, Master of Architecture 

    To me connecting the dots means

    Being the glue our community needs to bring together the needs of our neighbors, developers, government, and even our tourists to create beautiful and well thought out spaces we can use to gather and celebrate at.

    When not at work you will find me

    Building forts with my two babies or somewhere exploring a new park, waterfall, or playground.

    I bet you didn’t know______ about me

    I collect big, beautiful dead bugs. But the most prized set I have is a set of very small, shiny, and glittery beetles I bought at an entomology shop in Paris.

    My favorite place in Nashville is

    Sitting on a good friend’s front porch with a beer or a juice box talking about life.

    The reason I wanted to be an Architect

    Growing up I visited my family in Mexico for a few months every year and I was very intrigued at how homes and towns grew organically based on the growing family dynamics and financial ability to add a new bedroom or bath to a multigenerational home. I have always loved the concept, but it is rarely executed to create a functional home layout. I used to dream up little ways to rearrange the home to flow better.