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    Kayla Rithaler

      /  Kayla Rithaler

    Kayla Rithaler

    Kayla Rithaler

    School(s) and Degree(s)

    University of Tennessee, B.A. in Architecture, Minor in Interior Architecture

    To me connecting the dots means

    Creating a more accessible environment that allows people to interact with impactful design that helps tell their story.

    When not at work you will find me

    Reading a book or spending time with friends.

    I bet you didn’t know______ about me

    I am always trying to find new recipes to bake. My favorite recipe is blueberry and lemon roll.

    My favorite place in Nashville is

    Anywhere I can pet a doggo.

    The reason I wanted to be an Architect

    From a young age my parents would drive me around looking at houses and buildings, I found a deep love and connection of design through these experiences. My dad always dreamed of being an architect, which allowed me to actively have conversations with him about how design could be more efficient and impactful. These interactions resonated throughout my life and ultimately led me into a field where I can continue having these conversations with a wider group of people and hopefully impact others.