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    Re[cycle]. Get It? You Get It.

    Well it’s over. Park(ing) Day has come and gone.

    And it. Was. A. Smashing. Success.

    We were aiming to top last year’s awesome CraneCity (if you don’t know what that is, you’re dearly missing out, and should go see our Instagram post @smithgeestudio)

    And I believe we did that, with a little help from some very talented people.

    This year, we had the pleasure of collaborating with local high school students from Nashville School of the Arts. Their teacher, artist and friend Camilla Spadafino, was so excited about the idea that she made Parking Day the class’ semester long project!

    But before we get into that, let me explain our theme:

    Recycling…Green Living…Sustainability…..Do those seem like dated buzz words to you?

    Well that’s because they are. But it doesn’t take away from their importance. Especially now more than ever! Look guys, Nashville’s a great city, and it’s getting bigger and bigger every day, and we (as designers and citizens) are super ecstatic about its future.

    But like Spider Man’s Uncle Ben once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

    We’ve recognized that Nashville’s entertainment district (ole downtown bars and honkytonks) go through a ton of glass. As a matter of fact, Metro Public Works collected a record 12.53 million pounds of garbage in the district alone last year, and glass bottles make up 70% of that waste stream. That’s a lot of drinking.

    There needs to be a more conscious effort to get this immense amount of glass recycled, not just at the end of its life, but on the front lines as well; as soon as bar-goers dispense it.

    The class fell in love with the idea and we wanted them to think up designs to beautifully articulate that initiative. Our committee met with them weekly and honed their designs to create the installation. We collaborated with Metro Public Works and Waste Management to collect hundreds of plastic bottles to reinvent as colorful flowers, in a sort of urban greenhouse. To further the concept of green living, we fabricated a pedal-powered generator to light up the house, as well as enforce the initiative for more bike lanes. And to top it off, we set up a “Message in a Bottle” wall so passerby can reflect on the city and write out positive encouragement for others!

    And in the end, this three month project, with dozens of friends’ help, culminated to a lovely Nashville day. Thanks to everyone that stopped by and hope to see you next year!

    Enjoy these little letters that we cracked open from the Message in a Bottle…

    “Love recycling these glass bottles! Let’s get them off the street”

    “Help us get the word out about Nashville’s plan for glass recycling!”

    “Love each other and love the Earth <3”

    “Nashville’s streets are for communities, not just for cars”

    “This city is beautiful! Keep it green as much as possible! Kisses from Rome!”

    “I’m excited to explore Nashville safely on a bike! So much of the experience is lost in the car.”

    “May Nashville never lose its soul (and may it continue to embrace diversity)”

    “We love Nashville! Let’s keep it clean J – Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce”


    And here are some fun ones that just made us smile…

    “When you are upset, think about a T-Rex making a bed.”

    “To whomever reads this: Never stop believing in yourself or striving to be the best you can be. Sending nothing but positive energy your way. <3”

    “The Titans win Superbowl”

    “Good luck and have a great life”

    “Thanks for being here! Vanessa, Ethan, and Chase appreciate it.”

    “Greetings from Kansas! Recycle! Go Cats!”

    “Never let anyone treat you like a yellow starburst, you are a pink starburst. – Unless you like yellow, I do.”

    “Hi, this is so cool. Wow. Maybe I’ll try this idea in my hometown. – Lili :)”

    “Why be moody… when you can shake your booty!”

    “A smile looks good on you”