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    My Internship at SGS

    This summer we had the pleasure of having rising Auburn senior, Logan Lee, join our firm as an intern. His last day was August 5th as he’s getting ready to go back to school, but before he left he wrote a post for our blog about the highlights of his experience with the firm and his team.

    “My time at Smith Gee Studio as an intern is coming to an end. And while that is sad to say, it is
    bittersweet to recount my experience this summer. All you can really hope for in an internship is to gain a little knowledge, learn a little about the way teams and firms work, and to be tolerated by the people you work with. Smith Gee Studio completely blew my expectations away of what it means to be an intern.

    “From day one, I was welcomed into this amazing group of people with open arms. I was fully integrated into my team of designers and the firm as a whole. Immediately, I knew SGS was different. The culture was so warm and the dogs running laps around the office made it feel like home. I was able to participate in firm-wide meetings, design reviews, and was even welcomed into a committee (social media). My design team fully accepted the challenge of welcoming a new person, much less an intern, into the fold.

    Logan’s dog, Scout, hard at work!

    “As an intern, I didn’t know what to expect concerning workload and how much I would actually be exposed to. I can now say that I experienced more than I could’ve ever expected. The team did not shy way from me because I was an intern, but made sure to include me into whatever they possibly could. I worked on a wide range of projects in various stages of completion, ranging from early design to construction drawings and site visits.

    A post-lunch roof exploration.

    “Each and every team member took time to teach and to answer any questions I had. My opinions and ideas were always welcomed and I always had tasks at hand. I never really felt like an intern, but as simply another valued member of my amazing team. They also included me into all of the extra team activities, such as happy hours, team lunches, and even a failed attempt to attend a Nashville Sounds game, which still ended in a fun night of team bonding over food and drink.

    It is one thing to have an amazing learning experience while in an internship, but it is completely different to feel so connected and seen as both a designer and individual. I know it sounds cheesy, but I cannot say enough good about my time at Smith Gee Studio. I think you would be hard-pressed to find a better group of people that care about each other, are passionate about good design, and improving the lives of others. And, while I say goodbye for now, I take with me all that I have learned and the connections that I have made and can say that I am better for it.

    Logan and his team (featuring Klondike and Millie.)