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    A Dog Makes a Home

    You might have heard the phrase “a dog makes a house [into] a home.”

    When presented with the opportunity to design a Magis Dog for the Lucky Dog Design Challenge in February/March, the Smith Gee Studio team took that phrase seriously, especially as the competition was in association with the Nashville Humane Association which works to help animals find a home.

    We started with a full dog and ended with a building section.

    Full dog on one side…
    a dog “house” on the other!

    Talk about taking things literally.

    There was limited space in the dog to create a full dollhouse style section, so the team prioritized which rooms should be included: a bedroom, kitchen and living space, a bathroom, and a reading nook.

    Furniture was built and sewn by hand, with some 3D printed goodies and doll home accessories to brighten it all up. We think it looks pretty nifty!

    The living room was a labor of love, trying to figure out a floor plan with “wall-mounted” accessories that adhered to a curved wall! Complete with another dog, because you can never have too many.

    The bedroom. There’s a dog in here too (see if you can spot them! You’ll get a round of appaws.)

    The bathroom and the reading nook! Places of relaxation with the smallest square feet in the home.

    Thanks to Ali for signing up the studio for this fun contest, Elizabeth O., Yesenia, Erin, and Elizabeth K. for helping with the build and ideas, and Rachel for your crafting and 3D printing!

    To see more of the submissions, visit @alfredwilliamsnash and @hermanmiller_nash on Instagram!