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    Transit Now Nashville

    This month in Nashville we celebrate Transit! The Transit Now Nashville organization has a mission to engage the Nashville community to promote a vibrant transit system. Within the organization each board member has different reasons for serving Transit Now Nashville. However, common goals keep them focused on their mission:

    + Educate the Community to Increase Ridership

    + Advocate for Transit System Improvements and Expansion

    To engage and put transit into motion, as a studio we took a FREE bus ride across the city to lunch at the Farmers Market! One of our very own, Ron Yearwood, is a part of the Transit Now Nashville board. During our bus ride Ron filled us in on Nashville’s Transit plan.

    Here are a few important take-away’s about the transit plan being put into motion –

    1. What’s this all about? As the success of the Middle Tennessee region continues to grow so does the congestion. As with every metropolitan area, the current mobility of Middle Tennessee is defined by several things: topography, current transportation infrastructure, and the built environment. Although these current factors are challenges, they do not prohibit Nashville from creating a GREAT transit system for our future!
    2. Whats sort of Timeline are we looking at? 
      • 5 years – lay the groundwork
      • 15 years – create an improved regional network
      • 25 years – a fully integrated system
    3. Overall how can Transit Service Improve? below are recommendations of improvements
      • Make Service Easier to Use
      • Improve Existing Services
      • Improve Access to Transit
      • Make Service More Comfortable
      • Develop a Network of Regional Transit Centers
      • Expand Services to New Areas
      • Build High-Capacity/Rapid Transit Network
    4. What are the Benefits of Transit?
      • Supports sustainable growth and is good for the environment. Each person riding the bus produces lower greenhouse gas emissions than each person in a car.
      • Makes Nashville a better place to visit. Visitors expect it to be easy to get around the city.
      • Contributes to active, healthy lifestyles.
      • Attracts talent and makes cities more competitive.
      • Has social benefits, especially to residents who are not able or can no longer afford to drive, and helps people live full, independent lives by providing access to work, shopping, medical appointments, and social activities.
      • Boosts the regions economy and create jobs.
      • Provides safe, convenient, and reliable access to jobs.
    5. How can YOU participate?
      • Download the Transit APP! – start using the transit app to know where bus stops are, when they’re arriving, and where they’re taking you.
      • Participate in the Commuter Challenge! April 27-May 3, 2019. The city is asking Nashville commuters to pledge to make at least one trip to work not driving alone during the week of April 27 to May 3. You can carpool, walk, bike, take the bus/train or work remotely. Grab your friends and co-workers and let’s challenge each other to give some other commute options a try (or celebrate the active options you already take!).
      • Check out Transit Now Nashville for more event and ways to get involved!